Goat Hill Farm

Proud Breeder of Quality Myotonic Goats and Member of Myotonic Goat Registry

Goat Hill Farm is home to two home bred and raised outstanding herd sires. 

2015 National Champion PGCH Goat Hill Farm Hot Shot


DOB:  3/8/2012

Polled   Gold Eyes


​Dam:  B2818 Betty at Goat Hill Farm

​Sire:  B3412  Woody Creek Farm Red Hot

​Born here on the farm, "Hottie"  was sold to another well respected MGR breeder as a 3 month old.  When she retired, we had the honor of bringing him back home at 14 months to start his show career. The rest is history - this guy is phenomenal! 

PGCH Goat Hill Farm Kentucky Hot Brown


DOB:  4/28/2014

Polled   Gold Eyes


Dam:  B7754 Rose Lane Farm Paris

Sire: B5641 Nat. Ch. PGCH Goat Hill Farm Hot Shot

​"Hottie B" followed in his sire's hoofsteps and earned his PGCH, having earned the first two points before he was 2.  He had to wait until that second birthday to show again and earned his PGCH the day AFTER he turned 2!