Moenning Hill Farm Legacy


DOB:  10/8/2016

Polled, Brown Eyes

Dam:  C4615 Moenning Hill Farm Holly

Sire:  B9558 Fern Hill Duke

Legacy's name comes from the fact that she is the great, great, great granddaughter of Betty at Goat Hill Farm, our foundation doe.  We were thrilled that Moenning Hill Farm allowed her to come back to her roots.

Fern Hill Desiree


DOB:  3/13/2015

Polled    Brown Eyes   Weight:  115#

Dam:  A6807 Fern Hill Sunbird

Sire:  A6931 Nat. Ch. PGCH Woody Creek Farm Daytona

Desiree came to us from TN in late 2015 and is a joy to have here.  She's bred to PGCH KY Hot Brown and due to kid any day.

ET3 Black Dahlia


DOB:  5/12/2012

Polled   Brown Eyes    Weight 150#

​Dam:  A7324 ET3 Debbie

​Sire:  B0920 Rockin E Creek Farm Duke

Dahlia is one big girl and solid muscle.  She's earned multiple Reserve Senior Champs and Res. Grand Champion titles but has yet to be "the One"!    She will be bred to

Nat. Ch. PGCH GHF Hot Shot for 2017 fall kids

Betty at Goat Hill Farm


Polled   DOB: 4/5/2006

Dam:  A0576 Blackstar Goats Pebbles

Sire:  A0486 Spotted Royalty Ranch Raiders Arrow

Betty is our foundation doe and is enjoying retirement.  She is the dam of  Nat. Ch PGCH  GHF Hot Shot, PGCH GHF Derby Girl ​and many more!  She's also a famous TV star - appearing on Lifetime TV's Double Divas in 2013, local newstations and multiple media outlets.  You can find her in Season 2, Motorcycle Mamas Episode on Netflix Double Divas or by googling Betty Goat Bra!

Rose Lane Farm Paris


DOB:  2/16/2012

Horned   Brown Eyes   Weight:  125#

Dam:  A8978 Rose Lane Farm Precious Girl

Sire:  A9585 Lickskillet Acres Luther Ray

Paris is another easy keeper who makes beautiful babies with Hot Shot.  She's the dam to PGCH KY Hot Brown and 1xCH GHF Mon Cherie.  She kidded twin bucklings 3/17/ Nat Ch. PGCH GHF Hot Shot

PGCH Goat Hill Farm Derby Girl


DOB:  5/4/2011

Polled   Weight:  140#

Dam:  B2818 Betty at Goat Hill Farm

Sire:  DS Elvis

Derby Girl is one of our favorites and has been a pleasure to show. Derby was diagnosed with cystic ovarian syndrome so she will live out her life in comfort and being spoiled.

Goat Hill Farm

Proud Breeder of Quality Myotonic Goats and Member of Myotonic Goat Registry

Diamond B Goats Malificent


DOB:  1/14/016

Polled   Brown Eyes    Weight  80# at 12 months

Dam:  C9469 Mya at Goat Hill Farm

Sire:  B1930  PGCH Woody Creek Farm Steel Connection

Malificent is the 2016 doe of Mya at Goat Hill Farm and is growing into a very muscled yearling.  She will be bred for fall kids.

1X CH Giles Meadowlark


DOB:  5/27/2010

Polled     Weight:  130#

Dam: Gowan's Chester

Sire:  Gile Co. Doe

Saved from the sale barn by a fellow MGR breeder, Meadow earned her first point at her very first show, pulled straight out of the field.  She's an easy keeper and has thrown some beautiful kids that we expect to earn their PGCH in a few years.  She kidded quads  by Nat. Ch. PGCH GHF Hot Shot this year and is raising them on her own.

Mya at Goat Hill Farm


DOB:  7/1/2012

Polled   Brown Eyes    Weight  130#

Mya is new to Goat Hill Farm and is considered a "found doe".  We have no pedigree on her but can say that after breeding her to PGCH GHF KY Hot Brown - we have three outstanding kids that were born on 3/5/2017! 

1X CH Goat Hill Farm Mon Cherie


DOB:  3/16/2016

Disbudded    Gold Eyes    Weight:  105# at 11 months

Dam: B7754 Rose Lane Farm Paris

Sire: B5641 Nat. Ch. PGCH Goat Hill Farm Hot Shot

Mon Cherie earned her first point as a 4 month old so she'll be out of the show ring until she has kids of her own.  She's an absolute sweetheart with a temperment like her mama, Rose Lane Farm Paris.  She is a powerhouse of muscle for a youngster!

Moenning Hill Farm Cream Brulee


DOB:  9/28/2016

Horned, Brown Eyes

​Dam: B6845 Silver Creek Fainters Lola

​Sire:  B9558 Fern Hill Duke

​"Bru" is a sweetie - inquisitive and faints if the wind blows!  She loves her animal cookies and will do just about anything for them.