Goat Hill Farm

Proud Breeder of Quality Myotonic Goats and Member of Myotonic Goat Registry

Goat Hill Farm is located in north central KY along the Little Kentucky River.  We focus on quality versus quantity, therefore we keep a small herd of Myotonic Goats.  Our goats have shown in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and New York and have won multiple championship titles.  While we breed for quality show goats, we occasionally have pet quality and love placing them in homes with human kids!  We keep a waiting list so if you'd like to be placed on it, see our contact page. 

We are a member of the Myotonic Goat Registry and Kentucky Proud

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Myotonic Goats are known by many names - wooden legged, scared and of course, Fainting Goats.  They originated in Marshall County, TN and there continues to be a large festival there yearly in October celebrating this wonderful breed - Goats Music & More!

​Calm by nature, the Myotonic Goat comes in a variety of sizes - mini, small, medium and large.  They have unique breed characteristics different from other goat breeds.  Great mothers, easy keepers, and much more makes this breed a growing favorite.  You can learn more at www.MyotonicGoatRegistry.net

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